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AES Challenge

AES Innovation Challenge

May 2022

IMII’s Alternative Energy Systems Innovation Challenge has moved into the second stage of the Innovation Sprint phase with two finalists:

  • Anax Power and their turboexpander; and
  • Growing Greener Innovations (GGI) with their battery energy storage solution (BESS)

The two technologies are presently completing a front-end engineering design (FEED) study with an IMII member company, supported by a dedicated engineering firm.

The Anax Turboexpander has the potential to provide clean, distributed electricity from the pressure and flow of natural gas, without combustion. The technology repurposes energy lost in the natural gas let-down process at network pressure reducing stations to drive an in-line generator which is installed in parallel with natural gas pressure reducing valves. It has also been selected for a demonstration project by Emissions Reduction Alberta.

For more information on the Anax Turboexpander see Anax-Power-overview.pdf (

GGI is a Canadian energy technology company focused on engineering and manufacturing batteries, battery management systems, and battery energy storage solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers. GGI holds the patent for stackable battery packs that can be clicked together like LEGO™ to meet any power demand and is further developing its Smart Switch, a smart battery/grid management system that will address issues such as peak shaving, voltage optimization, load balancing, charge/discharge optimization and time-of-use, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower overall energy use, longer-lived batteries and substantial cost savings for large-scale energy users in high-fee regions.

For more information on the GGI BESS see The Technology Behind Our Portable Electric Generators – Grengine™ – Grengine – Growing Greener Innovations.

At the conclusion of the Innovation Sprint, IMII will select a challenge winner. IMII members are proud to have been investing in the developing and proving out technologies with potential for the minerals industry.

About the Challenge

The International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII), with support from their members and the Challenge Dialogue System Network, is putting forth the Alternate Energy Systems Challenge. This Innovation Challenge is seeking solutions to provide an Alternate Energy System that can be piloted at a mine site in Saskatchewan. Mining has large energy consumption requirements and is a perfect opportunity for innovative energy solutions to be showcased in a global industry.

The IMII Alternative Energy Systems Challenge Prize is a new initiative of the IMII and presents innovators with a unique opportunity to advance their technology solution for the minerals sector by working with Saskatchewan’s leading minerals companies. The total potential project funding available from the IMII for the project(s) supported through this call for proposals is up to $500,000 Canadian Dollars (CAD). The IMII will decide how many solutions may be selected for this Innovation Challenge and whether or not the total funding is distributed to one, two or a combination of innovators.