International Minerals Innovation Institute


June 7, 2023

10:00 am – 3:30 pm


IMII is hosting IDEATE 2023 on June 7th with IMII’s minerals company and post-secondary and research institutions members.  IDEATE is an opportunity to engage together to learn about and discuss problem areas identified by the minerals industry which they believe are amenable to applied research with the potential to lead to the development of innovative solutions.  The ideation phase is meant to be a place to come up with novel, perhaps unconventional, ideas. Interested academics should reach out to the Innovation/Research office at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic, University of Regina, and University of Saskatchewan to register.

In support of this effort, IMII’s minerals industry members have identified several potential areas of focus. These include:

Workshop #1

Health & Safety (e.g., elimination of exposure to hazards)

Workshop #2

Processing Technology (e.g., optimize processing and minimizing waste, enable coextraction, dry/less water intensive processes)

Workshop #3

Mining Technology (e.g., robotics and semi-autonomous equipment)

Workshop #4

Energy Utilization (e.g., to lower overall energy costs, reduce carbon footprint)

Workshop #5

Complex Extraction Systems (e.g., overcoming rock stability, seismicity challenges)

Workshop #6

Technologies to Decrease Water Usage/Increase Capture and Recycle Water

Workshop #7

Mineral Systems (e.g., identifying, characterizing ore bodies)

Workshop #8

Advanced Geoscience Capabilities (e.g., deep hydrogeology)